About the exhibition:

In tandem with the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (Germany), the Hanley Sustainability Institute invites faculty who have conducted research with or under the auspices of the Hanley Sustainability Institute and the Human Rights Center, as well as those who have taught Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (SEE) and Human Rights Studies (HRS) classes at UD to submit photographs, videos or other 2-D visual work* related to their research activities.

Some of the work will be selected for inclusion in a group exhibition centered on the theme “Life and the Global Commons.” The Mercator Research Institute will link exhibits across the globe and notes that the “global commons refer to all types of natural or social assets that require some form of (global) cooperation.” 

We encourage faculty to submit visual works related to their research and/or personal experiences, and to include a brief statement that discusses ways in which they feel their imagery relates to the global commons and the search for practicable ways of using global resources sustainably and justly.  As the majority of submissions may come from non-photography researchers, experimentation with different genres and formats of 2-D art and photography is encouraged. A small framing / presentation stipend will be available to all those accepted.

*You are encouraged to submit 2-D work that relates to the photographic process in some manner (print-making, collage or multi-media work that incorporates the photograph). If you are unsure how to classify your work, contact Glenna Jennings and/or Emily Sullivan Smith. We aim to include work from multiple disciplines and departments!